Sunday, May 10, 2015

Police Genocide, and I've Been Gone Too Long!

(Before I get started talking about politics I wanted to say that I have missed writing very much. I have not had a computer of which I could do research and write with. But luckily someone gave my partner and I a computer for letting them stay with us awhile! So I should be updating the blog more frequently. Thank you for reading!)

What else do we call it at this point? When cops are killing a black person every 28 hours [1] and have already killed over four hundred people this year alone? [2] How can any human deny that what is happening is not systematic killing of a certain peoples? Of course it is. It is a direct attack on the black community. Even more so cops are given the mind set to shoot first and deny later. The Ferguson police were so racist that they literally were almost disbanded.[3] 

And when it comes to the "ALL LIVES MATTER" type people, please understand: I know all humans lives matter to someone but not 'ALL PEOPLES' are being killed at an alarming rate by the police. So if you are one of those people you need to realize we value all life, yes. But it is obvious pigs think white lives matter. So the point is they need to stop killing citizens, aka the cops need to know "BLACK LIVES MATTER", as they have no value for a whole peoples lives. And that should be unacceptable to all peoples! This is a great injustice and it is obvious the government has no respect for the black communities and the news outlets have even less respect for themselves. They have parroted the pig line and thus helped sway white opinions away from the killings and focus the attention on unimportant things that only added up to character assassination. The major news outlets used state propaganda to justify police brutality and murder of a people. And a large portion of the masses ate it up.

But something else has happened too! A slight radicalization of another part of the population. The issue of police brutality has a lot of people interested in radical politics right now. I saw many of my friends (average non-activist friends) talking out against the murders and even defending the victims publicly. Going as far as denouncing the police (state). To be honest it is nice to see people of the US have such a dividing issue. Usually I would  expect the most nationalistic and racist views to come to the forefront in white america. Not to say of course that a large population of white America didn't cleave into it's historically racist and nationalist feeling to avoid caring that black lives are being taken constantly. But I feel the atmosphere has changed in US politics a lot since I have been gone and I think it has changed for the better.

Activist and everyday people turned activist have done an amazing job organizing and agitating against police brutality. People from all over the nation in the last year have shown the public that we will no tolerate police violence in our communities. The day of the pigs riding with them white hooded good ol' boys is over if they wish to still exist at all. Of course the peace police are still out and about telling us that the riots and uprisings that changed shit 'will never change anything.'

Since I mentioned it, it is important to be clear with the masses what these uprisings were. They were a rebellion, an uprising. It was not a revolution, but uprisings and small isolated rebellions can add up to be much much more. It reveals to the radical that the underlying false peace that shows on the surface in this country is a lie. Underneath the surface there is an anti-government anti-system sentiment rising up towards the top. Our oppressive, racist and anti-democratic government losses more support every time they back one of these pigs murdering an unarmed citizen. Not to mention the white, right wing isolates itself with its racist propaganda that blames black peoples for being murdered. We must take advantage of this rebellious tide to become integrated with the masses, inseparable even!

But when it comes to solutions to how to stop the killings what are some realistic answers? (besides the obvious answer which is revolution) Body cameras have shown that the police can just turn them off, commit the crime then claim later the camera malfunctioned. I think to call for the dismissal of the police is too left wing communist of a slogan at this point in the struggle (though I do desire this outcome). We need to for sure disarm the police for one. I think they should be allowed to have a gun locked in the back of the car and should not be allowed to have the gun unless they are reporting to a scene where there is a shoot out or a stand off going on. It has been proven at this point that pigs do not have proper training to wield assault rifles and are not trained enough to carry hand guns on the streets. They have become their own state sponsored street gang. Police essentially are allowed to be judge jury and executioner with little to no punishment. They are allowed to strip rights away from all peoples and all the pig has to do is claim "I felt in danger" which is a subjective feeling and not provable in court. A cop can walk up to you for no reason, put you in cuffs and if you resist then you would go to jail for obstructing "justice" or avoiding arrest. You can not claim you are a free person if you live in a place where you can be taken to jail for nothing other than resisting arrest when you were not under arrest for any crime. The pigs litterally take people to jail for expecting their rights to be respected (though communist are well aware that the idea of "rights" under capitalism's boot is an illusion.)     

 The murder of peoples by the police is not going to stop until the people themselves show the pigs that "this stops now." Candle light vigils and peaceful (almost pro-cop) parades have not and will never change anything. The rioting and rebellions are the only thing that have brought about favorable change for the people in these cases of police murder and brutality. I think this model is clearly the only language the American capitalist/imperialist state understands. If burning down stores is the only way to draw white peoples attention and the news stations attention then the freedom fighters should burn down stores. If cops are killing black people and some one shoots some police officers should we really be that surprised? We as revolutionaries should certainly not condemn such actions. If you don't support and expect an oppressed peoples who are being murdered to stand up for themselves and fight back then you should not claim to be a revolutionary.     

 Revolutionaries always stand on the side of the oppressed working class and poor masses. If an action makes you uncomfortable that is too bad. It is not your place or job to criticize the masses for taking justice into their own hands. The masses are the leading force for progressive change. Some people claiming to be revolutionaries sitting on the side criticizing a people for rising up to fight this oppressive system are accidentally playing the role of a house slave. You are by default supporting the state by criticizing the oppressed for not following your specific line. This is left wing communism in appearance but right wing opportunism in essence. It is the duty of all revolutionaries to support these uprisings! If you want things to go differently then you should have already had a strong base in these areas and in the communities otherwise you have no right to criticize them for not doing what you think they should be doing. Radicals should not expect to walk into a neighborhood and be able to direct the struggle. That is lazy and not how revolutionary organizing works. You have to be embedded in the communities if you expect them to look to you/your cadre for leadership.  

[1] Adam Hudson, "1 black man is killed every 28 hours by police or vigilantes,America is perpetually at war with its own people" alternet. 05/28/2013. web. 03/16/15 
[2] "US police have officially killed over 400 people in 2015, a new grieving family every 7 1/2 hours" Beforeitsnews. 5/6/15. web. 05/08/15  
[3] "Holder 'prepared' to disband Ferguson police" yahoo news/AFP. 03/06/15. web. 04/02/15      

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Where Do We Go From Here? (On the Maoist Situation in the US)

   I have observed over the last year and a half to two years that the Maoist movement is growing in the united states and in other first world/imperialist nations (Canada,UK,Italy etc). The ideas of Maoism and the universal correctness of it revolutionary theory are spreading and becoming more popular among the left and the people in general. Even non-Maoist are starting to mimic the mass line and line struggle with-in their organizations. All these things are good news for the Maoist movement in the US. (I will be discussing the situation here in the US as I am not well read enough in the other nations to comment on their situation.)

But where can we go from here? What task do we now face?

   Obviously we can either go up or down from here, forward or backwards. We want to go up/forward obviously. But the question will be "how?" Well as of right now at least I think the answer is easy (even if in practice it will be hard.) Our movement is made up of smaller local groups that are sometimes based on only one or two political or economic issues. And that is fine, I am not here to critique that at this time. I believe that is what is with-in our means as of right now.

   However; the time will come (hopefully soon) when the Maoist movement will have to start organizing on a national level. We cannot spark national revolution or even start national dissent from our local groups. We need some sort of national organization if we are to become relevant. I mean an actual national organization where all Maoist are included regardless of their sub-ideology/beliefs. One where criticism/self-criticism and line struggle are the leading ideas as opposed to ultra-leftism and self sectarianism with-in the Maoist movement.

   The task we face? The task we now face is building that national organization. Getting over our petty historical/minor political differences to unite all the Maoist forces into one cohesive organization who's goal is socialist revolution in the US. Once again this is easily stated but will be hard to achieve in practice. I believe if we Maoist living in the US can unite and create said national organization, I think we can honestly be the largest and most relevant communist group in the nation. Many independent Maoist (regardless of their specific sub-ideology) are forced into joining non-Maoist organizations/parties such as PSL, FRSO etc. Specifically because they have no real Maoist group to participate in on a national level.

   If you are reading this and asking yourself "what about the Progressive Labor Party or the Revolutionary Communist Party?" While these are both national organizations (respectively) we must consider the following; In regards to the Progressive Labor Party (PLP); They have referred to themselves as Maoist before but they can not be the national group I am speaking of because they look down on and regard the cultural revolution as a bad thing. This is too large of a dividing issue for the PLP to be able to unite the Maoist living in the US into a national movement. In regards to the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP); Anyone who is familiar with the RCP could probably think of ten or more reasons why the RCP would be unable to unite the Maoist movement. The main reason would be (obviously) the semi-worship of Avakianism over Maoism which is alienating to traditional and most new age Maoist. This is not to say I oppose both of these groups because that would be untrue. Both groups have good and bad things about them. I am just pointing out that while both of these groups call themselves Maoist, neither are capable of uniting the Maoist movement in this country. In reality these two parties are not open enough (ideologically nor politically) to allow the independent/unaffiliated Maoist to flock into their respective parties. This is why we must create a new organization as opposed to joining an existing one.                   

   I hope that soon all of the independent Maoist and the smaller Maoist groups can start a dialog to start the process of a national organization building for a true Maoist party based on people's democracy and revolutionary socialism. I for one would be willing to promote, help organize, donate to, discuss, critique etc. Anything that would be needed of me I would be willing to do to achieve this great dream. We as a group either want socialism or we do not. Their is no middle path here. You either want socialism and are willing to struggle for it or else you are a running dog of capitalist imperialism. It is time to cast aside all petty differences to unite into one national organization with the aim of building a party and eventually taking power from the capitalist classes and placing the power into the hands of the proletarian masses. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Deadly Virus of Ultra Leftism in the Belly of the Beast.

   Something that is consistent in Mao's writings and speeches is the need to combat ultra left thinking and actions. He describes one aspect of "ultra leftism" as the refusal to work or unite with other groups or individuals that could be united with. He explains that these people split over the most miniscule and petty reasons.

   A communist number one goal is and should always be the victory of the broad working masses. Socialism over capitalism, self-determination and independence over imperialism. An ultra leftist would compromise this goal by refusing to work with other progressive elements on basis of "principle" or sometimes just plain arrogance.

   We in the USA, the largest imperialist nation on earth, a first world nation, have the luxury of ultra leftism. Ultra leftism is (in the USA) a luxury for communist in first world and imperialist nations. We can afford to keep to our small ineffectual, intellectual circles that only allow in a certain ideology and refuses to work with other groups who don't believe the exact same thing that we do. Why should we prepare for revolution when we can stay busy arguing with other people that we could be uniting with to create a revolutionary situation? 

   I don't believe I need to continue to rant on this overall situation because any communist reading this is already aware that ultra leftism, or; the inability to work well with others. Is holding us back and makes it impossible to create the correct situation for revolution. I'm not calling for communist to unite with everyone. That is ultra right-wing communism to go about uniting with others for opportunistic or utopian reasons.

   In a nation where there are sooooo many different groups and a lot of different ideologies are represented it is important to know who you can unite with for revolution and those that you can not. Our goal is proletarian revolution! The democratic dictatorship of the broad working classes over the bourgeoisie and imperialist forces. We can not and will never achieve our goals under the current situation of ultra leftism on one side of the communist movement and ultra rightism on the other.

                             ULTRA LEFTISM IN THE MAOIST MOVEMENT

   We Maoist are ourselves guilty of ultra leftism to the highest degree. We split ourselves over everything from the GLF to the 100 flower movement to the GPCR. We split from those who see the USSR as social imperialist and those who don't. We split from those who support the shinning path and those who don't. We split over which line we support in the Nepal revolution. We would split over anything it seems. We have no functional party to work in as a unit. We are fractured, sectarian and ineffectual. Of course I do not mean all Maoist living in the US, some Maoist here are shinning examples of how to be a good communist. But for the most part we are ultra leftist talking revolution but not willing to step outside our circles and comfort zone to actually achieve a revolutionary situation.

   I myself am guilty of ultra leftism earlier in my political life. I used to never want to work with anyone who wasn't a marxist leninist. But we must see and draw on past lessons. (as maoist) It is important to work with all who can be united with. What is better? One large, unified, comprehensive communist/progressive movement based in and on the broad working masses? Or a small, fractured, schizophrenic movement based on intellectual circles and protest activist?  The answer is easy and was handed to us long ago by Mao himself. The real question is what are we going to do about it?


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Can We Have A Maoist Party Now?

Let's paint the west red!
Here lately I've felt very pessimistic about the left here in the US and so of course I started to wonder why I am having these feelings.

It didn't take me long to realize that it is because I don't have a party or group where I can participate/express myself with like minded revolutionaries to attempt to destroy US imperialism/capitalism.

I have attempted to look into multiple different parties and groups/ORGS etc. But nothing here in the states really comes close to the political line I believe in to take us through to socialism in the US. Simply we do not have a real Maoist party in the US, we have MTWist (they are actually Lin Piaoist), Kasama (sort of) and the RCP-USA which is not a real Maoist party as much as an Avakianist party.  

I recently was sent this link to a blog set up by fellow maoist but when I asked how I could help I got no response. Granted I am not going to join just because they call themselves Maoist but  I would love to see what they have to offer. Their documents seem to imply that they are ready to start the party building process.

I will pursue contacting them further. They posted an e-mail under their contact information if any Maoist in the states wish to contact the group.

I am getting off topic though. The fact of the matter is that all the Maoist living in the US need to come together under one banner. Rather you are a anti-revisionist, 100 flower, cultural revolutionary type of Maoist or any other kind of Maoist we should be uniting together into one party to struggle for socialism.

All the other socialist parties have shown themselves incapable of leading the masses in any meaningful way. Sure some groups are good at organizing peaceful protest where the same people come, yell, then go home with an undeserved sense of accomplishment. Some are good at labor organizing, some are good at organizing students, but in reality no party is capable of leading the toiling masses towards socialism.

We Maoist need an outlet for our ideas in a organization where we can practice free and open criticism/self-criticism in a comradly manor.

To put it plainly we need a unified Maoist party. made up of all the Maoist banners!
We need for revolutionaries to put aside petty individual "rivalries" with each other so we can do what we should be doing and that is fighting for socialism/communism.

I for one hope we can get our shit together soon so we can start to organize the fight for socialism. Only a true Maoist party based on the mass line, revolutionary democracy and based in the proletarian masses can lead to a socialist revolution. We will never achieve any progress on that front if we rely on petty bourgeois ideologist parties made up of academia elites. We need a real proletarian party made up of proletarians fighting for the only system capable of meeting every ones needs; socialism.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's Have a Dialect About Some Material Conditions on the Left in the First World.

   Don't worry, I won't make this a rant about what dialect materialism is. If you as a reader are not aware of what dialect materialism is then feel free to google it before continuing to read this post. This will be about what is material fact in the US and the west in general in re-guards to the left.

   In western nations (especially imperialist ones) there is a strong tendency among the left to throw logic and reality out of the window at every chance. The left is fractured, sectarian, ignorant of the masses wishes and desires. Most parties or groups in the Western nations believe they are leading the struggle for socialism. The US alone has about 10-15 self-proclaimed vanguard parties leading the revolution for communism!

   But in reality the left in the US is completely unknown outside of the left in the US. The organizations in this country would prefer to criticize each other and bicker over everything then they would to unite and struggle for what the people desperately need; socialism.

   Most all parties live in a utopian idealist setting where every time a group of people get upset they declare that socialism is winning and we are right around the corner from the revolution. Now lets be clear that no party in existence in the US is prepared for said revolution. Hell, most parties aren't ready to win 5% in a local election (with the exception of the socialist parties USA who just won a seat on a board of education in new jersey, congrats.) 

   See, in most all successful revolutions the party/organization leading the charge was not a specific ideology ready to split or kick people out for the smallest line difference at it's founding congress. 

  It is almost as if there was a secret meeting by all the leftist in the first world (with a few exceptions) where it was declared that all the left parties that are mainly unknown and not relevant whatsoever; must make their parties adherents follow and parrot a such sickly specific set of politics that the groups show little to no democratic potential. The "democratic" centralism practiced by most left parties in the US come off as drones who all mimic each other and have no thought process for themselves. So they take an already irrelevant group of organizers and then say to outsiders; 'you must follow our politics set by our leaders and parrot exactly what we say or else we will expel you from our group. Can we have your due's now.'  

   The left in the first world nations are so self defeating that it is depressing. We will literally split and fight over anything.

   Socialist revolutions are won because the socialist of said nation are willing to put aside silly issues and unite with other socialist/communist in the name of... wait for it... SOCIALISM! The left (for privileged reasons of course) in the west would rather argue over shit that happened in a different time, place and under different conditions then they would debate what we communist can do today to win the ultimate victory.

   The left is already irrelevant, fractured and unwilling to look at material conditions in order to fight for socialism. 

   Democracy is almost ignored, the masses can't connect to the parties because the parties set themselves apart from the masses by complaining about issues the masses don't care about. The masses don't know about socialism or anarchism enough to know rather there will be a state or not. Why do the elite/cadre of the left argue over things that only the proletarian masses will decide if a socialist revolution is achieved?

   The left in the US, and the UK are psychotically sectarian (in the actual meaning of the word) to the point we have multiple parties with the same ideology that exist separately because they refuse to unite either for opportunistic reasons or worse; individualistic pride in their said group.

   So there is the rant part now lets actually list some material truth about the left in the western nations.

We suck at showing the kind of democracy we want to enact after the revolution. It is confusing for the masses to see strict democratic centralism and then hear us speak of workers democracy.

The days of the one party/one ideology state/government are over. No one wants to be ruled by one clique of people. There will have to be greater democracy in any socialist revolution then there has been in the past.

Identity politics (while important to fight for on many issues) is not the end all be all. Just because your group goes to a LGBT rights event does not mean that the whole LGBT community in your area will now support socialism. Same goes for race etc. We need to make clear that under socialist society all people regardless of race, sex, hair color etc.will be equal and we stand for an egalitarian society based on co-operation and understanding.

We have an issue with complaining about the current thing that is upsetting leftist at any given time without putting forward a concrete unified statement as to why we as socialist oppose or support whatever it is that is popular at that time.

We have to get the hippie/pacifist element out of our revolutionary circles. It discredits us as a whole and every time something big happens the media just finds the hippie grouping and interviews them and instantly a whole movement is seen by the nation as a bunch of stoner peace loving hippies that have nothing better to do than to protest. 

We are really bad at propaganda and using the media to our advantage. After the local occupy was put down (they literally singled out and beat the shit out of the radicals that were present) by the pigs, the leaders (of the leaderless occupy) were asked by a news station "what is occupy's response to the police actions here last night." and the guy said (no shitting you) "we were not able to reach a consensus on a statement for what happened last night."

Most groups are too single minded and only utilize one or two forums of organizing. Workerist are pretty plenty among the left but that is for a different post I suppose.

There are too many groups and parties ORGs etc. 

The masses are scared right now. The job market is not stable, the state is poor and still starting and getting involved in conflicts and cutting welfare services. People are pissed. Where is the left? We are on the sidelines complaining about socialism in one country or if Lin Piao was actually guilty. Or if the Hungarian revolution was reactionary or not? Was Tienanmen revolutionary or counter? We should all quit as socialist and become professional historian debaters because it appears that that is all the left wishes to be. We in the west/first world are in such a privileged position that we have put the main goal (communism/classless stateless society) on the back burner and have forgotten all about it. Why should we fight for socialism today when we could argue about what happened yesterday? Forward to more obscurity comrades! Forward to make sure no one is lying about what we conceived to have happened almost a hundred years ago! Revolution will come! No need to organize, we must argue amongst ourselves first!

*disclaimer for this post; obviously this is a very generalized criticism and not every statement/comment applies to every group. First world privilege is a very real threat to the left in the first world. I am willing to work with most anyone who wants a future run and controlled by the masses for the masses.



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Revolutionary Work, Revolutionary Parenting.

   I have been absent of posting for a few months for basic proletarian reasons. I have had to focus on feeding my family and keeping my lights on, so unfortunately I have had little to no time to post on the blog or even think about things to write.

   My political work has suffered because of this but I think I have also made some head way on a form of political organizing which I have come to refer to as 'revolutionizing everyday ideas.' Which is simple and effective. I work in an office where we take care of a lot of poor and oppressed peoples. In my position in said office I am in contact with everyone who comes into the office. I also ride the bus to and from work about an hour each way so I have much contact with everyday common people (which is refreshing as opposed to hanging around activist and especially occupy people's.)

   The place I work allows me to interject political ideas and anti-government propaganda to a listener who is being oppressed and exploited and "working to stay poor" after working here for quite a while now I must say that the hardworking poor class has probably the most revolutionary potential in this nation as opposed to the middle class which is most often referred to as the working class. I have had many many political discussions at work and out right about socialism with all but a few exceptions, positive results.

   I have found that surprisingly taxes is a very good talking point when discussing socialism. The people seem to mostly agree that our tax levels (or even higher) would be livable if the state was providing any kind of service for those taxes collected. Yes we have "medicaid" but take it from a medical professional that this "service" is useless and other government run healthcare (Harmony) is just as awful as the medicaid and medicare. Ive seen medicaid (and harmony) deny essential medications for diabetics, people with high cholesterol etc.

   It has been easy to take the anger of these people that are being shit on by the government programs that they have paid into their whole life and turn that anger on the two ruling parties.

   The other thing I have been doing is raising my son. He is about to be three and trying to teach a three year old how to pee in the toilet and be polite and respectful to others is a full time job on top of my full time job. He is very polite and nice for a three year old and he is very humble for what he receives and is also very good at sharing.

   I don't bring this up because readers have emailed me asking about my childs progress as a person. I bring this up because to what extent should communist parents push politics on their children? In some cases children will rebel against anything that their parents try to push on them and rightly so. It seems oppressive when as a kid your parents are trying to force you into one political or religious position or another.

   So how do we try to educate our children with out turning them off of socialism? Well what I intend to do is to try and create an atmosphere where greater control by the masses is encouraged. By this I mean that all who live in the house will have responsibilities and will also have a say in the economy of the household as well as the day to day running's of said household.

   Most people think that giving a child a democratic voice at a young age as far as financially is a bad idea, but his mother and I can block any crazy proposals he has like spending the electric bill on candy or something. I think giving him a say on household economic issues will give him a sense of how important both mass democracy and economic socialism both are. You see; as his main trade will most likely be dish washing or lawn mowing in his younger years he will still have an equal say no matter how much or how little he contributes rather it be in labor or monetarily. This will show him (without verbal badgering our annoyingly lecturing) the natural benefits of mass democracy and socialism.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

An Honest Critique of the Black Bloc Tactic.

Let me start off by stating that this will not be an anarchist bash post. I believe I have a legitimate critique of the tactic when it is being used incorrectly. *disclaimer; This is also not a call to use violence or a call to attack the pigs. I write this solely out of concern for the brain matter of my red and black brothers and sisters.

The Black Bloc tactic is a simple genius idea, the pigs can't tell the difference between people and so when actions are committed, with a simple Dosi doe among the crowd the cops cant tell who committed the action. This is not where my problem lies with Black Bloc tactics. My problem stems more from a tactical stand point then an idealogical one.

When the NATO protest took place this year (2012) in Chicago the black bloc separated from the main march and ran through the streets causing mass confusion among the police and the police even with their cars and police vans could not corral or contain the black bloc-ers.

But what happened the very next day? For those who don't know; the black bloc and the pigs had a little fight in the street.

Who won this battle in the streets? The pigs did. They left multiple black bloc members bloody a few bruised and roughed up a couple others.

This naturally leads to the next question; why did the anarchist lose? Were they weak and undetermined? Of course not. It is a simple answer of 'tactics'.

You see the first night when the black bloc broke off from the main march and they had the police scattered and scrambling to catch up is when they should have chosen to fight in the streets. They could have used hit and run tactics and had a more level playing field. They may have even had the advantage. However they chose to do the fighting in the middle of the day when the cops were highly concentrated and organized. They tried to fight the cops on the cops terms and when the conditions were least favorable for the anarchist to win.

Lets break it down to the most basic level; Cops: They are armored and armed to the teeth. They have (basically) a helmet with an eye shield, a bullet proof, padded vest (some have padded sleeves as well,) and a gas mask. They are bare minimum armed with a baton, tasser and spraying mace. Also they have the numbers and superior training.

But there is a down fall and a weakness in this as well, they are not highly mobile and can be fatigued easily when made to pursue in full dress. So when keeping these basic things in mind the number one thing a person should do is say to their-self;  'self, if we fight them in roman style battle where we are out armed and out armored then we will be slaughtered.'

Now the other side; Black bloc members are mostly not armored they wear a black hoodie (or shirt if it is hot, it is detrimental to wear a hoodie in 100+ degree weather) a bandana over their face and are usually not armed with anything and the ones that are usually only have a flag pole or something similar. This screams out one thing to me "not equipped to fight a head to head battle with the before mentioned forces."

With simply studying guerrilla warfare tactics it would be easy to turn the tide in these street exchanges.

One; Never engage the enemy on their terms. AKA when the pigs are standing in a line in full battle gear do not engage them with a smaller ill armed and less armored group of people in head-to-head fighting.

Two; Use the advantages available to you/Use the enemy's disadvantages against them. AKA The black bloc is not weighed down with armor so use your mobility to your advantage. Make the police chase you and wear them down before engaging. Possibly they will even scatter and break their lines in chasing you and you can hit and run, thus angering them further and causing them to give chase and making them more tired etc. repeat etc. AKA #2 "when the enemy attacks we retreat" is what I'm saying. "When the enemy is tired/resting we pester" hit and run and strategic retreats should be constantly used in these street fighting confrontations.

Three; Use your ideology for inspiration. Don't yell "fuck the pigs" yell "power to the people" or "for the people" don't give the liberal media free propaganda against your cause.

Be careful out there comrades! 


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Right-Wing Communism; A Privilaged Disorder

The elections are coming up soon, and it is time again for the right wing of the communist movement to brush off their copy of Lenin's "Left-Wing Communism an infantile disorder" and incorrectly quote it to the end of the earth to avoid having to support boycotts or any revolutionary action what so ever... again.

Why do they do this? What is there to gain from this tactic of participating in the system that keeps the people oppressed? It can't be because 'that's where the masses are' barely 40% vote in midterm elections and the last presidential election (the highest election turn out in the nations history) a little over 60% voted and look at the area's with the highest voter turn out. Its not hard to see that mainly the capitalist and upper bourgeoisie along with upper middle class are the voters. (I wonder why socialist do so bad in our elections)

They have this behavior simply because they are in a privileged position in the worlds order. They are not starving, they have clean running water, Probably had access to higher education. Most communist I hear spout this garbage of participating in the elections have had university educations and would be considered more intelligentsia than proletariat. I don't have running water where I live. Only one electric socket works where I live. I'm lucky enough to have a person nice enough to let me use their wireless internet. What I'm getting at is that people who constantly attack the left-wing (people like me) for wanting to boycott elections (the system that allows me to live in these situations) do so because they do not want to struggle. They have no need to struggle. They are fine with how their lives are under capitalism/imperialism.

I'm not saying that I am not happy that these right-wingers want communism eventually. I'm just saying it makes me upset when someone with an android Cellular phone and a 2009 model car tells me that I am a bad communist if I boycott the elections.

While I'm ranting about privilege of the US communist movement I'd like to bring up internationalism and imperialism. Using the elections as a way to 'further the goal of socialism' is a failed tactic that has been tried and true to failure for almost a century.  But why are people that are claiming to be socialist/communist still supporting running in elections that only decide what face will be the new poster child for imperialism? The reason we need to boycott is to show international solidarity with our brothers and sister in the third world nations that are struggling in a way us in the US and other imperialist nations could never dream of. These people needs socialism and self determination so they can make an increase in their living standards and stamp out malnutrition and poverty as a whole. As long as the US and other nations can imperialistically dominate the third world and the communist in those nations participate in the system that does this exploiting we can not count ourselves as true internationalist.

Simply repeating slogans such as "free Palestine" "no war on (insert current nation we are planning on invading here)" "out of Afghanistan now" does not make you an internationalist. Action makes you what you are. Boycotting the system that causes most of the world to live in mega slums and slave like conditions, that is showing international solidarity brothers and sisters. Fuck participating in elections as an end goal. Or even a long term goal. People are starving and working for nothing and have nothing in most of the world. Those people need to know that the communist living in the belly of the beast are not counting on the system that is causing their misery to destroy the system that is causing their misery.