Sunday, July 21, 2013

Can We Have A Maoist Party Now?

Let's paint the west red!
Here lately I've felt very pessimistic about the left here in the US and so of course I started to wonder why I am having these feelings.

It didn't take me long to realize that it is because I don't have a party or group where I can participate/express myself with like minded revolutionaries to attempt to destroy US imperialism/capitalism.

I have attempted to look into multiple different parties and groups/ORGS etc. But nothing here in the states really comes close to the political line I believe in to take us through to socialism in the US. Simply we do not have a real Maoist party in the US, we have MTWist (they are actually Lin Piaoist), Kasama (sort of) and the RCP-USA which is not a real Maoist party as much as an Avakianist party.  

I recently was sent this link to a blog set up by fellow maoist but when I asked how I could help I got no response. Granted I am not going to join just because they call themselves Maoist but  I would love to see what they have to offer. Their documents seem to imply that they are ready to start the party building process.

I will pursue contacting them further. They posted an e-mail under their contact information if any Maoist in the states wish to contact the group.

I am getting off topic though. The fact of the matter is that all the Maoist living in the US need to come together under one banner. Rather you are a anti-revisionist, 100 flower, cultural revolutionary type of Maoist or any other kind of Maoist we should be uniting together into one party to struggle for socialism.

All the other socialist parties have shown themselves incapable of leading the masses in any meaningful way. Sure some groups are good at organizing peaceful protest where the same people come, yell, then go home with an undeserved sense of accomplishment. Some are good at labor organizing, some are good at organizing students, but in reality no party is capable of leading the toiling masses towards socialism.

We Maoist need an outlet for our ideas in a organization where we can practice free and open criticism/self-criticism in a comradly manor.

To put it plainly we need a unified Maoist party. made up of all the Maoist banners!
We need for revolutionaries to put aside petty individual "rivalries" with each other so we can do what we should be doing and that is fighting for socialism/communism.

I for one hope we can get our shit together soon so we can start to organize the fight for socialism. Only a true Maoist party based on the mass line, revolutionary democracy and based in the proletarian masses can lead to a socialist revolution. We will never achieve any progress on that front if we rely on petty bourgeois ideologist parties made up of academia elites. We need a real proletarian party made up of proletarians fighting for the only system capable of meeting every ones needs; socialism.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's Have a Dialect About Some Material Conditions on the Left in the First World.

   Don't worry, I won't make this a rant about what dialect materialism is. If you as a reader are not aware of what dialect materialism is then feel free to google it before continuing to read this post. This will be about what is material fact in the US and the west in general in re-guards to the left.

   In western nations (especially imperialist ones) there is a strong tendency among the left to throw logic and reality out of the window at every chance. The left is fractured, sectarian, ignorant of the masses wishes and desires. Most parties or groups in the Western nations believe they are leading the struggle for socialism. The US alone has about 10-15 self-proclaimed vanguard parties leading the revolution for communism!

   But in reality the left in the US is completely unknown outside of the left in the US. The organizations in this country would prefer to criticize each other and bicker over everything then they would to unite and struggle for what the people desperately need; socialism.

   Most all parties live in a utopian idealist setting where every time a group of people get upset they declare that socialism is winning and we are right around the corner from the revolution. Now lets be clear that no party in existence in the US is prepared for said revolution. Hell, most parties aren't ready to win 5% in a local election (with the exception of the socialist parties USA who just won a seat on a board of education in new jersey, congrats.) 

   See, in most all successful revolutions the party/organization leading the charge was not a specific ideology ready to split or kick people out for the smallest line difference at it's founding congress. 

  It is almost as if there was a secret meeting by all the leftist in the first world (with a few exceptions) where it was declared that all the left parties that are mainly unknown and not relevant whatsoever; must make their parties adherents follow and parrot a such sickly specific set of politics that the groups show little to no democratic potential. The "democratic" centralism practiced by most left parties in the US come off as drones who all mimic each other and have no thought process for themselves. So they take an already irrelevant group of organizers and then say to outsiders; 'you must follow our politics set by our leaders and parrot exactly what we say or else we will expel you from our group. Can we have your due's now.'  

   The left in the first world nations are so self defeating that it is depressing. We will literally split and fight over anything.

   Socialist revolutions are won because the socialist of said nation are willing to put aside silly issues and unite with other socialist/communist in the name of... wait for it... SOCIALISM! The left (for privileged reasons of course) in the west would rather argue over shit that happened in a different time, place and under different conditions then they would debate what we communist can do today to win the ultimate victory.

   The left is already irrelevant, fractured and unwilling to look at material conditions in order to fight for socialism. 

   Democracy is almost ignored, the masses can't connect to the parties because the parties set themselves apart from the masses by complaining about issues the masses don't care about. The masses don't know about socialism or anarchism enough to know rather there will be a state or not. Why do the elite/cadre of the left argue over things that only the proletarian masses will decide if a socialist revolution is achieved?

   The left in the US, and the UK are psychotically sectarian (in the actual meaning of the word) to the point we have multiple parties with the same ideology that exist separately because they refuse to unite either for opportunistic reasons or worse; individualistic pride in their said group.

   So there is the rant part now lets actually list some material truth about the left in the western nations.

We suck at showing the kind of democracy we want to enact after the revolution. It is confusing for the masses to see strict democratic centralism and then hear us speak of workers democracy.

The days of the one party/one ideology state/government are over. No one wants to be ruled by one clique of people. There will have to be greater democracy in any socialist revolution then there has been in the past.

Identity politics (while important to fight for on many issues) is not the end all be all. Just because your group goes to a LGBT rights event does not mean that the whole LGBT community in your area will now support socialism. Same goes for race etc. We need to make clear that under socialist society all people regardless of race, sex, hair color etc.will be equal and we stand for an egalitarian society based on co-operation and understanding.

We have an issue with complaining about the current thing that is upsetting leftist at any given time without putting forward a concrete unified statement as to why we as socialist oppose or support whatever it is that is popular at that time.

We have to get the hippie/pacifist element out of our revolutionary circles. It discredits us as a whole and every time something big happens the media just finds the hippie grouping and interviews them and instantly a whole movement is seen by the nation as a bunch of stoner peace loving hippies that have nothing better to do than to protest. 

We are really bad at propaganda and using the media to our advantage. After the local occupy was put down (they literally singled out and beat the shit out of the radicals that were present) by the pigs, the leaders (of the leaderless occupy) were asked by a news station "what is occupy's response to the police actions here last night." and the guy said (no shitting you) "we were not able to reach a consensus on a statement for what happened last night."

Most groups are too single minded and only utilize one or two forums of organizing. Workerist are pretty plenty among the left but that is for a different post I suppose.

There are too many groups and parties ORGs etc. 

The masses are scared right now. The job market is not stable, the state is poor and still starting and getting involved in conflicts and cutting welfare services. People are pissed. Where is the left? We are on the sidelines complaining about socialism in one country or if Lin Piao was actually guilty. Or if the Hungarian revolution was reactionary or not? Was Tienanmen revolutionary or counter? We should all quit as socialist and become professional historian debaters because it appears that that is all the left wishes to be. We in the west/first world are in such a privileged position that we have put the main goal (communism/classless stateless society) on the back burner and have forgotten all about it. Why should we fight for socialism today when we could argue about what happened yesterday? Forward to more obscurity comrades! Forward to make sure no one is lying about what we conceived to have happened almost a hundred years ago! Revolution will come! No need to organize, we must argue amongst ourselves first!

*disclaimer for this post; obviously this is a very generalized criticism and not every statement/comment applies to every group. First world privilege is a very real threat to the left in the first world. I am willing to work with most anyone who wants a future run and controlled by the masses for the masses.