Sunday, January 20, 2013

Revolutionary Work, Revolutionary Parenting.

   I have been absent of posting for a few months for basic proletarian reasons. I have had to focus on feeding my family and keeping my lights on, so unfortunately I have had little to no time to post on the blog or even think about things to write.

   My political work has suffered because of this but I think I have also made some head way on a form of political organizing which I have come to refer to as 'revolutionizing everyday ideas.' Which is simple and effective. I work in an office where we take care of a lot of poor and oppressed peoples. In my position in said office I am in contact with everyone who comes into the office. I also ride the bus to and from work about an hour each way so I have much contact with everyday common people (which is refreshing as opposed to hanging around activist and especially occupy people's.)

   The place I work allows me to interject political ideas and anti-government propaganda to a listener who is being oppressed and exploited and "working to stay poor" after working here for quite a while now I must say that the hardworking poor class has probably the most revolutionary potential in this nation as opposed to the middle class which is most often referred to as the working class. I have had many many political discussions at work and out right about socialism with all but a few exceptions, positive results.

   I have found that surprisingly taxes is a very good talking point when discussing socialism. The people seem to mostly agree that our tax levels (or even higher) would be livable if the state was providing any kind of service for those taxes collected. Yes we have "medicaid" but take it from a medical professional that this "service" is useless and other government run healthcare (Harmony) is just as awful as the medicaid and medicare. Ive seen medicaid (and harmony) deny essential medications for diabetics, people with high cholesterol etc.

   It has been easy to take the anger of these people that are being shit on by the government programs that they have paid into their whole life and turn that anger on the two ruling parties.

   The other thing I have been doing is raising my son. He is about to be three and trying to teach a three year old how to pee in the toilet and be polite and respectful to others is a full time job on top of my full time job. He is very polite and nice for a three year old and he is very humble for what he receives and is also very good at sharing.

   I don't bring this up because readers have emailed me asking about my childs progress as a person. I bring this up because to what extent should communist parents push politics on their children? In some cases children will rebel against anything that their parents try to push on them and rightly so. It seems oppressive when as a kid your parents are trying to force you into one political or religious position or another.

   So how do we try to educate our children with out turning them off of socialism? Well what I intend to do is to try and create an atmosphere where greater control by the masses is encouraged. By this I mean that all who live in the house will have responsibilities and will also have a say in the economy of the household as well as the day to day running's of said household.

   Most people think that giving a child a democratic voice at a young age as far as financially is a bad idea, but his mother and I can block any crazy proposals he has like spending the electric bill on candy or something. I think giving him a say on household economic issues will give him a sense of how important both mass democracy and economic socialism both are. You see; as his main trade will most likely be dish washing or lawn mowing in his younger years he will still have an equal say no matter how much or how little he contributes rather it be in labor or monetarily. This will show him (without verbal badgering our annoyingly lecturing) the natural benefits of mass democracy and socialism.

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