Sunday, May 10, 2015

Police Genocide, and I've Been Gone Too Long!

(Before I get started talking about politics I wanted to say that I have missed writing very much. I have not had a computer of which I could do research and write with. But luckily someone gave my partner and I a computer for letting them stay with us awhile! So I should be updating the blog more frequently. Thank you for reading!)

What else do we call it at this point? When cops are killing a black person every 28 hours [1] and have already killed over four hundred people this year alone? [2] How can any human deny that what is happening is not systematic killing of a certain peoples? Of course it is. It is a direct attack on the black community. Even more so cops are given the mind set to shoot first and deny later. The Ferguson police were so racist that they literally were almost disbanded.[3] 

And when it comes to the "ALL LIVES MATTER" type people, please understand: I know all humans lives matter to someone but not 'ALL PEOPLES' are being killed at an alarming rate by the police. So if you are one of those people you need to realize we value all life, yes. But it is obvious pigs think white lives matter. So the point is they need to stop killing citizens, aka the cops need to know "BLACK LIVES MATTER", as they have no value for a whole peoples lives. And that should be unacceptable to all peoples! This is a great injustice and it is obvious the government has no respect for the black communities and the news outlets have even less respect for themselves. They have parroted the pig line and thus helped sway white opinions away from the killings and focus the attention on unimportant things that only added up to character assassination. The major news outlets used state propaganda to justify police brutality and murder of a people. And a large portion of the masses ate it up.

But something else has happened too! A slight radicalization of another part of the population. The issue of police brutality has a lot of people interested in radical politics right now. I saw many of my friends (average non-activist friends) talking out against the murders and even defending the victims publicly. Going as far as denouncing the police (state). To be honest it is nice to see people of the US have such a dividing issue. Usually I would  expect the most nationalistic and racist views to come to the forefront in white america. Not to say of course that a large population of white America didn't cleave into it's historically racist and nationalist feeling to avoid caring that black lives are being taken constantly. But I feel the atmosphere has changed in US politics a lot since I have been gone and I think it has changed for the better.

Activist and everyday people turned activist have done an amazing job organizing and agitating against police brutality. People from all over the nation in the last year have shown the public that we will no tolerate police violence in our communities. The day of the pigs riding with them white hooded good ol' boys is over if they wish to still exist at all. Of course the peace police are still out and about telling us that the riots and uprisings that changed shit 'will never change anything.'

Since I mentioned it, it is important to be clear with the masses what these uprisings were. They were a rebellion, an uprising. It was not a revolution, but uprisings and small isolated rebellions can add up to be much much more. It reveals to the radical that the underlying false peace that shows on the surface in this country is a lie. Underneath the surface there is an anti-government anti-system sentiment rising up towards the top. Our oppressive, racist and anti-democratic government losses more support every time they back one of these pigs murdering an unarmed citizen. Not to mention the white, right wing isolates itself with its racist propaganda that blames black peoples for being murdered. We must take advantage of this rebellious tide to become integrated with the masses, inseparable even!

But when it comes to solutions to how to stop the killings what are some realistic answers? (besides the obvious answer which is revolution) Body cameras have shown that the police can just turn them off, commit the crime then claim later the camera malfunctioned. I think to call for the dismissal of the police is too left wing communist of a slogan at this point in the struggle (though I do desire this outcome). We need to for sure disarm the police for one. I think they should be allowed to have a gun locked in the back of the car and should not be allowed to have the gun unless they are reporting to a scene where there is a shoot out or a stand off going on. It has been proven at this point that pigs do not have proper training to wield assault rifles and are not trained enough to carry hand guns on the streets. They have become their own state sponsored street gang. Police essentially are allowed to be judge jury and executioner with little to no punishment. They are allowed to strip rights away from all peoples and all the pig has to do is claim "I felt in danger" which is a subjective feeling and not provable in court. A cop can walk up to you for no reason, put you in cuffs and if you resist then you would go to jail for obstructing "justice" or avoiding arrest. You can not claim you are a free person if you live in a place where you can be taken to jail for nothing other than resisting arrest when you were not under arrest for any crime. The pigs litterally take people to jail for expecting their rights to be respected (though communist are well aware that the idea of "rights" under capitalism's boot is an illusion.)     

 The murder of peoples by the police is not going to stop until the people themselves show the pigs that "this stops now." Candle light vigils and peaceful (almost pro-cop) parades have not and will never change anything. The rioting and rebellions are the only thing that have brought about favorable change for the people in these cases of police murder and brutality. I think this model is clearly the only language the American capitalist/imperialist state understands. If burning down stores is the only way to draw white peoples attention and the news stations attention then the freedom fighters should burn down stores. If cops are killing black people and some one shoots some police officers should we really be that surprised? We as revolutionaries should certainly not condemn such actions. If you don't support and expect an oppressed peoples who are being murdered to stand up for themselves and fight back then you should not claim to be a revolutionary.     

 Revolutionaries always stand on the side of the oppressed working class and poor masses. If an action makes you uncomfortable that is too bad. It is not your place or job to criticize the masses for taking justice into their own hands. The masses are the leading force for progressive change. Some people claiming to be revolutionaries sitting on the side criticizing a people for rising up to fight this oppressive system are accidentally playing the role of a house slave. You are by default supporting the state by criticizing the oppressed for not following your specific line. This is left wing communism in appearance but right wing opportunism in essence. It is the duty of all revolutionaries to support these uprisings! If you want things to go differently then you should have already had a strong base in these areas and in the communities otherwise you have no right to criticize them for not doing what you think they should be doing. Radicals should not expect to walk into a neighborhood and be able to direct the struggle. That is lazy and not how revolutionary organizing works. You have to be embedded in the communities if you expect them to look to you/your cadre for leadership.  

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[2] "US police have officially killed over 400 people in 2015, a new grieving family every 7 1/2 hours" Beforeitsnews. 5/6/15. web. 05/08/15  
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