Saturday, August 11, 2012

Right-Wing Communism; A Privilaged Disorder

The elections are coming up soon, and it is time again for the right wing of the communist movement to brush off their copy of Lenin's "Left-Wing Communism an infantile disorder" and incorrectly quote it to the end of the earth to avoid having to support boycotts or any revolutionary action what so ever... again.

Why do they do this? What is there to gain from this tactic of participating in the system that keeps the people oppressed? It can't be because 'that's where the masses are' barely 40% vote in midterm elections and the last presidential election (the highest election turn out in the nations history) a little over 60% voted and look at the area's with the highest voter turn out. Its not hard to see that mainly the capitalist and upper bourgeoisie along with upper middle class are the voters. (I wonder why socialist do so bad in our elections)

They have this behavior simply because they are in a privileged position in the worlds order. They are not starving, they have clean running water, Probably had access to higher education. Most communist I hear spout this garbage of participating in the elections have had university educations and would be considered more intelligentsia than proletariat. I don't have running water where I live. Only one electric socket works where I live. I'm lucky enough to have a person nice enough to let me use their wireless internet. What I'm getting at is that people who constantly attack the left-wing (people like me) for wanting to boycott elections (the system that allows me to live in these situations) do so because they do not want to struggle. They have no need to struggle. They are fine with how their lives are under capitalism/imperialism.

I'm not saying that I am not happy that these right-wingers want communism eventually. I'm just saying it makes me upset when someone with an android Cellular phone and a 2009 model car tells me that I am a bad communist if I boycott the elections.

While I'm ranting about privilege of the US communist movement I'd like to bring up internationalism and imperialism. Using the elections as a way to 'further the goal of socialism' is a failed tactic that has been tried and true to failure for almost a century.  But why are people that are claiming to be socialist/communist still supporting running in elections that only decide what face will be the new poster child for imperialism? The reason we need to boycott is to show international solidarity with our brothers and sister in the third world nations that are struggling in a way us in the US and other imperialist nations could never dream of. These people needs socialism and self determination so they can make an increase in their living standards and stamp out malnutrition and poverty as a whole. As long as the US and other nations can imperialistically dominate the third world and the communist in those nations participate in the system that does this exploiting we can not count ourselves as true internationalist.

Simply repeating slogans such as "free Palestine" "no war on (insert current nation we are planning on invading here)" "out of Afghanistan now" does not make you an internationalist. Action makes you what you are. Boycotting the system that causes most of the world to live in mega slums and slave like conditions, that is showing international solidarity brothers and sisters. Fuck participating in elections as an end goal. Or even a long term goal. People are starving and working for nothing and have nothing in most of the world. Those people need to know that the communist living in the belly of the beast are not counting on the system that is causing their misery to destroy the system that is causing their misery.   


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