Saturday, March 31, 2012

China Quieting Maoist Opposition.

The Chinese right and reactionary wings are moving to quite voices of left opposition to capitalism and opening up the Chinese economy to western exploitation (1) (2).

These actions include the firing of radical and openly Maoist Bo Xilai, who was the party secretary in Chongqing and introduced the singing of red songs in public in his area. Bo is thought to be able to keep his seat on the politburo as long as he does not challenge his removal. His whereabouts are not know at this time nor is it known if he is in police custody, house arrest etc(3).

Another example of the crack down is that many anti-capitalist and pro-maoist blogs and websites have been take down (supported in the sources above). A book store that sells Maoist literature and many anti-capitalization books/propaganda was told by the state not to talk to the media.

This is thought to be in anticipation of the party congress coming up and the right/capitalist roaders are afraid of the new left uproar over capitalization and poor workers rights in China today. Recently the Maoist line has been receiving a spike in popularity as the people start to see the government as oppressive and selling out the interest of the people to foreign powers.

The true color of the CPC has been showing for years and denouncing revolutionaries in other nations, allowing imperialist to exploit their workers and corrupt officials is the norm in news coming out of China these days. This is sad news coming out of what was at one time the greatest example of proletarian democracy.

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