Sunday, May 8, 2011

Obama's re-election?

It has been a moot statement that I have been hearing people say for the last week or so. That because Osama was killed while Obama was in office that he will get re-elected.

But a few of these people are the same kind of people that would think that Trump would actually have a shot at winning the presidential race.

While it is no secret that Osama being killed on Obama's watch will win him some votes, I doubt it is the grain of rice that is going to tip the scales. There are many factors that will ensure his re-election baring he announces that he is an Islamic, communist, fascist.

A large factor to his re-election will be that liberals see his presidency as an improvement economically and morally from the bush administration. Though there is no basis for this thinking they will file back into the voting booths out of fear of the republicans getting back into office. Logic does not matter to these people, that is clear by the fact that we are still in a recession, unemployment is still too high, he gave us a corporate sell out health care bill, he gave the big banks billions of dollars while his people are going homeless because the banks who got billions of dollars are still kicking people out of their houses. All these facts aside, liberals still defend their capitalist-imperialist leader. Not to mention their great love for Obama as a politician and as a compromiser will drive them to vote for him again.

The biggest reason why Obama will win his re-election? Is that the republicans do not have a viable opponent to go up against Obama. It is no secret that swing voters in the US are the biggest idiot voters and will only vote for the best speech giver with the shortest answers at the debates. The republican party doesn't have any one with real charisma or even someone who anyone should want to hear speak.

Donald Trump is not a viable option, if he did get the republican nomination, all the liberals would have to do is a google search on trump to come up with enough dirt on him to ensure he doesn't get elected. The biggest scandal I can think of off the top of my head is the miss USA kissing another girl and Trump didn't strip her of her title. This small stupid scandal would be enough for the right wingers to label him a "gay lover" or something reactionary like that and he would lose by a land slide.

Mitt Romney didn't win the last nomination for the same reason he wouldn't win the national election. I know it sounds silly but he is a Mormon. Which means that to a large population of non-republican conservatives he is not a "real Christian" and won't be able to count on the conservative Christian votes like Bush and McCain did. I should point out however that right now Mitt Romney is the likely choice for the nomination of the republican party. Unless some random person comes from no where to steal the nomination I think it is fairly obvious that Romney will win the republican nomination and lose the national election.

Written by: Dustin Slagle

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