Monday, April 25, 2011

The Red Guard Pledge!

From the moment I became a communist I had always been inspired by the Black Panther Party. They did something that most groups do not do and that was that they made their members take a pledge. I think it is sad when you meet someone from a party and you know their party line better than they do. In the BPP you had to recite the main ideas and points of the BPP platform. I think all communist need to take a pledge! Not just for their parties but specifically for their selves and for the good of the communist movement as a whole. I plan on writing two pledges, one for the die hard dedicated communist that is willing to make the greatest sacrifices and the second one will be for the less dedicated but still determined revolutionary.

I as a communist do swear:

1) To eradicate all selfish elements of my personality for the greater good of my people

2) That I will never take anything away from a proletarian except experiences to use in the struggle against the bourgeoisie exploiter class.

I will never steal so much as a piece of thread from any one belonging to the proletarian class. Nor will I commit any crime against any proletariat. Everything I steal from the bourgeoisie and the capitalist class I will give to the proletarians who need it most. I will not selfishly keep anything taken from the bourgeoisie, if I steal so much as a loaf of bread I will give 3/4 of that loaf to the needy proletarians.

3) That I will uphold equality of all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and will militantly defend all people's rights to equality.

4) To always be polite to people of the proletarian class. I understand that not all people will share my views of the world or of the future, but I will still be polite and keep from yell, insulting or cursing at the people even if they disagree with my ideas.

I will always calmly explain myself and my ideas to the masses and will never curse, physically threaten and certainly not ever cause physical harm to a proletariat. I am here to serve the proletarian masses and would never commit any action that would bring harm to the proletariat.

5) That I will never use opportunism in my political work. The masses will not trust people who are not genuine. I will not join any group that uses the masses for its personal gain and I will leave my current ORG if they practice opportunism. I will not lie to the masses.

6) That I will militantly demand full employment for all proletarians, cheap or free QUALITY housing for the proletarian masses (housing is a right), free and quality health care for all people, free education from pre-school through collage!, Free clothing for the poor!, Food is a necessity not a luxury and should be free to people who need it. These will be my major political objectives and I will advocate for them militantly.

7) I am a proletariat and will not conspire with my class enemy or their hired thugs. Police, (while not paid well) do not represent the proletarian class. They represent and protect bourgeoisie/capitalist ideology and way of life, thus they are my class enemy. I will not give any information to the police that jeopardizes fellow comrades or any proletariat. I will (if arrested) only give the bare minimum amount of information (name, ID card etc) but will never give any information to the police to tip them to who my friends/comrades/cadre are. Police/FBI/CIA are the enemy of the proletariat around the world as well as in US, thus are my enemy and should be treated accordingly.

8) I will learn how to operate and service weapons correctly. I will learn how to accurately shoot a fire arm and will share my knowledge with my comrades so that if the situation should arise we are capable of defending the proletarians from a capitalist assault. I also swear to be responsible with fire arms and to never use them unless absolutely needed to defend my proletarian brothers and sisters.

9) I will represent the most radical/militant wing at any party congress/reading groups/discussion groups/protest/workshop or any other event I attend.

10) I will not carry and advance liberal slogans as they set back advances for the socialist cause and pacify the movement. Only in rare situations will I advance liberal slogans in which it is for sure to help the living standards of the proletariat or cause harm to the capitalist class.

11) I will read for no less than one and a half hours everyday and will exercise for at lest 30 minutes everyday to keep my mind and my body sharp.

Signed X


  1. Not a bad pledge!

    Pledges can be kind of superficial (as demonstrated historically in where the BPP eventually wound up -- in dissolution), but I'm certainly not opposed to them. They can help reinforce the dedication of comrades to revolution.

  2. Thank you! I wrote this with the goal in mind of trying to help people become a better communist within themselves. I think all of these things are important for a true revolutionary to follow.