Monday, April 4, 2011

The Communist Movement Needs a Revolution Within the Movement Itself!

It is my belief after having many discussions about a possible boycott of the upcoming national elections in the USA that the left in our nation has for the most part taken a turn to the right and is too thick with un-critical, dogmatic reformist.

The only non-reformist argument I've heard is the dogmatic quoting of Lenin's "Left-wing communism an infantile disorder". Which would make sense if there was any non-capitalist or a non-imperialist parties to run in to have our voice heard in like the parties that Lenin refers to in this writing. The nations that Lenin addresses in this writing are nations that had social democrat parties that the CP's could run in to have their voices heard and to show that reformism is a dead end and can not work to over throw a capitalist government. He wasn't pointing out that reformism works.

Here in the USA we have no party to run in to give a communist voice in. The creation of a Labor Party or a SD party in the USA would not even give us the chance to voice our communist voice as we have seen in England, entryism does not give us a voice in a pro-imperialist pro-capitalist party. And any SD party in the US would still be more of a right-wing SD than the ones that Lenin describes in his writing. This old worn out tactic has been proven to be the wrong tactic over and over again in history. There is a difference between entyism and participating in bourgeois parliamentary elections to discredit them. In the USA it is not possible to discredit the capitalist government by participating with the capitalist/imperialist parties. It is also a waste of resources to run your own candidate and silly to do it "to raise awareness to socialism" as it was correctly said; you can't educate communism in a nation where the capitalist own the schools and news that teach and propagate capitalism.

Still some people parading as dialect materialist would rather place their fingers in their ears and say "boycotting is ultra-leftism" as loud and as fast as they can so that they do not have to listen to something other than what Lenin proposed back almost one hundred years ago. The fact of the situation is that we have a bunch of fake communist claiming to be dialect materialist revolutionaries when in fact they are nothing more than dogmatic revisionist-reformist. So why would they parade around calling themselves revolutionary? Because revisionist is a bad word and reformist means you believe you can change the capitalist system from the inside a little bit at a time. Which means that participating in the capitalist-bourgeois government is a legitimate form of struggle. Of course this is false and the grossest form of revisionism and is playing traitor against the working class. Logic is a communists only true guiding light!

I believe that a broad boycott campaign supported by Socialist, communist, anarcho's, and even progressive liberal's would see less than 50% of the population vote in the presidential election and only about 32% in the mid-term elections would show how phony the bourgeois elections here in the US really are.

I think that the communist movement as a whole has for the most part shifted to the right. I think people like me who are revolutionary communist, who believes that a violent overthrow of the government is the only way to achieve socialism are a dying bread. That is because of the comfort that communist enjoy when playing entryism. It is easier to participate with your enemy than it is to fight them and I think this comfort has cost the movement dearly. It has lead to people marching around proclaiming themselves revolutionaries even though the most advanced idea they have is to lay in bed with their enemies. This is why I call for a revolution within the communist movement itself, a political revolution if you will. It is needed to shift the communist movement back over to the left. We need to break the Khrushchev line of "peaceful co-existence" and smash it in to unrecognizable size. It must be destroyed for the sake of our movement and for the sake of our future.

Revolution is not a joke, it "is not a tea party". Revolution means that there is a conflict in which one group violently kicks out the old rulers. It is not peaceful it does not happen in elections even in Venezuela there was a coup before the election and look how long it has taken to reach being progressive and they are still not officially in socialist construction though they are working for it. Since I have already mentioned Venezuela I would like to point out that the current situation there would be a good time for communist to play entryism to give communism a voice seeing as it would be silly to oppose a popular socialist government with a socialist opposition force.

Cuba, Laos, China, Vietnam, and Belarus would be other examples of nations where entryism would be the correct path. Even in nations that have progressive SD's or left wing coalitions like Sweden it would be correct to play entryism as a way to get a communist voice in parliament as Lenin stated. But in bourgeois democracies it is fullish to use elections as your main tactic to bring around the socialist transformation of society. In places like the US there are no progressive parties worth participating in that having any power so I motion that there is only one real alternative to playing entryism, and that is to boycott the elections!

Written by; Dustin Slagle

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  1. Glad to see people in the US realizing the need to totally break with the imperialist state at this point in time. Here's a video from Canada where comrades in several provinces are mounting a boycott campaign.