Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The New Red Scare!

It was apparent as of last night on Nov second that the second republican revolution was underway and that American politics were about to shift back to neo-conservative in control of the house and a much more favorable number in the senate. But why did this happen? Was it because the young voters stayed home? Was it because America is coming down off of its hopeamine high? And what does this mean for the communist and other leftist in America?

So why did the republicans win so big in these midterms?
The answer is easier than most would give. The simple answer is that when the democrats were in charge of all of the major branches of government they still didn't accomplish anything other than selling the masses out to the medical insurance companies and bailing out big banks before bailing out the people. So really the democrats are the ones who demotivated their base and even to a point encouraged their base to stay home on election day. Not to mention the fact that most people in this country are fed up with the system all together.

The Tea Party should also not be discredited with the role they played in this election cycle. The tea party energized and motivated the ultra right wing (along with some ignorant moderates) back to the voting booth. These are the same people who didn't go to the polls during the Obama election because they thought McCain to be too moderate. This coupled with the self de-motivation of progressives and leftist with in the democratic party clearly explains the huge loss suffered by the democrats.

Is the country just coming down off of their hopeamine high? Yes, when Obama ran for president he not only had his main democrat base excited but he also had many moderates, progressives and even some people on the left excited about his campaign. But it didn't take long for that high to wear off. Many progressives and leftist were in disarray when Obama followed Bush in bailing out the Banks and leaving the people to starve and go homeless. Shortly after that the health care bill came up. And the more and more the democrats and Obama compromised with the right the more and more progressives started fleeing from the Obama/democrat camp. The democrats took less than a year to prove to the voters that thought they were voting in a party of the people and change that they were in fact voting into power nothing more than corporate party with no back bone. The people felt and still feel betrayed by the democrats. This is a lesson that the masses will hopefully not soon forget though I feel that it will take little to no time for the voters to forget the democrats betrayal.

What does this mean for communist and other leftist in the US? Well that is up to us, we can keep doing what we have been doing, (which except for a few groups) and keep doing things that have proven to be ineffective. Or we can really start to unite the different parties and organizations and start to have one party with different tactics. Because as we are in this country (all separated and using different tactics) it is obvious that one tactic or the other by itself will not do the trick. We need a united party that works in the activist circles, that works in the unions and on peoples empowerment issues. All we have right now is a bunch of different parties all running in different directions claiming they have the right tactic, but since none are gaining any real ground it doesn't matter. And the few that are gaining ground as parties or ORGs (meaning members wise), they mainly are gaining members with false and liberal slogans.

If the left ever needed to unite and fight together then this would be it. But I'm sure that that will not happen due to different believes in what happened and should have happened in Russia in the beginning of the 1900's. But remember that this is our future and if we don't unite and fight back than this is what we can look forward to:

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  1. Hi slipoutside! This is probably a good idea for our Project Leaders to start up our own blogs to fit our distinctive styles. After reading this, I'm thinking of starting one up myself also as a compliment to our project. I think mine would be a personal blog though, sometimes providing various thoughts on my hobbies and quirks (e.g. Shaolin Kempo, Dragon Ball, oddball video games) and occasionally mixing in some political commentary by every so often posting a selected entry from our theoretical journal. So that way both my politics and personality would get in there. I think that would be more my style.

    You're really good with the artistry!

    In terms of the style of your presentation (and even to some degree actual message), I see what you mean about this really being communist baby talk. As a small criticism, the summations above may even be a little TOO simplistic for ye typical liberal, for instance, to really get. For example, consider this line: "The simple answer is that when the democrats were in charge of all of the major branches of government they still didn't accomplish anything other than selling the masses out to the medical insurance companies and bailing out big banks before bailing out the people." Since your standard liberal commentator can provide arguments of this extent and nature -- -- it might well be useful to clarify, for example, HOW the health care reform actually accelerates the privatization of the medical system in this country (by basically shifting money from Medicare to Medicaid) and perhaps mentioning the Obama monetary policy specifically in regards to "bailing out the big banks". The Afghanistan War and how that's going might have been mentioned too, despite the public apparently not regarding it as a top-priority issue (naturally) next to domestic economics. These are just thoughts. But then again, doing stuff like that may also defeat your purpose of simply getting the main idea across quickly and simply, I dunno.

    This probably wasn't too helpful a commentary, but I mainly just wanted to compliment you on this effort. Overall, I'd say your blog looks pretty nice!

    --Red Monkey Queen (P.I.C. co-Project Leader)