Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Friendship Theory.

More often than not people in the communist movement tend to be over bearing and just plain condescending, then if someone disagrees with our ideas most people result to yelling and name calling. But is this proper use of the mass line? No it isn't.

Part of the mass line and just being a Maoist in general is that we are suppose to be correct, calm, explanatory and civil and advocate for socialism and communism while doing it.

But this post isn't about the mass line, I want this post to be about how we can take our ideas and theory's to the masses without people just looking at you like a crazy psycho commie. Now I have had great success using this method in progressive circles and even liberal circles (lets face it, here in the states we will have to convert some liberals to our side to build any kind of base. It is convincing them that liberalism is bad is the hard part.)

One thing Ive noticed about parties is that they tend to stay to their own and only do things they set up or go to events where they can push their propaganda. I want to see us building organic relationships on the ground. That is how I took the branch I was chairman of from one member to one of the larger branches (outside of the huge cities like LA NYC CHI ETC) and passed up branches that were around for years longer than us. People in my area not only know my name and affiliation but know, like and respect me because the people know me as one of them and not someone who tells others what to think.

It is important to establish organic relationships on the ground. A big problem most parties have is that they show up to an event or protest and they run around and try to sell their papers and then they leave. Or else they only stay to themselves and run their own events and try to push their propaganda and constantly claim they are the vanguard ETC. Some might stand around after an event and argue or yell at people trying to tell the people what they should believe. But this is the most incorrect way of building a party or more importantly, raising socialist consciousness.

It is important that you have your ideas and theories fully developed before you take them to the masses and try to apply them. But without these organic friendships in your community you will be taking your ideas to a blank audience and you will have to start from scratch. However, with the friendships already in place, when you take your ideas to the masses you will already have a base to take them to. And since these people see you as a friend and organizer they will be more open to hearing and maybe taking on some of your theories and ideas. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT NO ONE WILL EVER HAVE ALL THE SAME IDEAS OF HOW THINGS ARE AND HOW THEY WORK AS YOU DO. You have to be willing to actually listen to other peoples thoughts and not insult them, but slowly and in normal language explain what you believe and why you believe it.

People treat you differently when they know you personally then from when you are some random person yelling at them about how wrong their ideas are. As a matter of fact it will make them shut you off completely and you will achieve nothing and you are wasting your time.

But what should we do when some one refuses to change their minds and just remains non-communist? We should not change our tactic. Continue to discuss (not debate or argue or yell) politics and calmly explain your positions. If we can not convert someone to believe in socialism/communism then we can at least have that person hold us in a respective light. Some one who doesn't agree with us but does respect us is better than someone who hates us.

People will see right through you if you are not genuine in your friendships. You must NOT create these relationships out of opportunism. Have fun with it and enjoy yourself while you make friends and build up consciousness towards socialism.

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